If your room request includes a plush animal print rug, a director's chair with your name on it, or a life-sized cardboard cutout of yourself, you just might be a prima donna.

I never dreamed that he would succeed.

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She attained her success through hard work.

Ronald is older than me.

They should know it.

That's simply not true.

Whatcha readin'?

You shouldn't be concerned about the exam. I'm sure it is far beneath your talents.

I'm not sure I really know how to do it correctly.

Boyce played his violin.

We all deserve a chance.


Clarence had nothing to eat.


Please wake me up at 6:30.


Jeanne is foolish.

I know that you are busy.

I forget sad things when I fall asleep.


He learns Chinese too.

Rhinos are being illegally killed.

You get closest to Jesus in the tough times, not the good times.

We plan to go as far as we can.

Both of my parents are not strict with me.

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Kory couldn't figure out where the money came from.

Kikki was doodling on some paper.

I want to see Boston.

How much money do you have saved up?

Four soldiers and twelve civilians were killed.

No matter what happens, I won't change my mind.

I appeal to stop the bloodshed immediately.

Rathnakumar's not as bad as you think.

I make it a rule never to eat between meals.

The girl goes to school.

I'm sure this will happen again.

Linda has no complaints.

That's fantastic.

I don't know if I can get used to that.

Maybe someone made them do it.


Where did you come from?

Let me tell her what I know.

You're not supposed to do that.

I felt ill and was admitted to the hospital, but in the event, it was nothing serious.

I'm going to teach one of Nikolai's advanced classes while he's in Boston.


She set the tray down on the table.

What's happened to you?

If you buy a new car, what will you do with the old one?


The girl has a soft heart.

Then Abraham looked immediately behind and saw a ram between the brambles, caught by the horns, and he lifted up the ram to the offering, and he slaughtered it there as a sacrifice to God instead of his son Isaac.

She has a subtle charm.

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Why did you want us to come here?


Help yourself to these cookies.

Fear fell upon her.

We'll find out later.


Why didn't you listen to her?

I regretted lying to her.

What could possibly happen?

What's so funny about that?

Samuel is ashamed of me.

Izchak is in a big hurry.

Cristi wasn't interested in learning how to cook Chinese food. He just wanted to eat it.


I read this book when I was in college.

A few days later, he came.

He knows how to shave his beard.

I entered the bookstore on the way.

Many of our customers are in Australia.

For years I've been saying that this wouldn't end well.

I know you still blame Betty for Leila's death.

What's the age of the universe?

Where did you get that scratch on your cheek?

Don't take your mask off.

At forty, he does not get as angry as he used to.

Don't believe everything you read.

She went from one shop to another.

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He won't listen to a word I say.

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I've never been very good at French.

I work among friends, and I live among books.

Jordan did something incredibly stupid.

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They demanded an end to the flood of immigration.

I will go to Tokyo tomorrow.

Thank you with all my heart.

Jason and I are getting married in August.

Look to right and left in crossing the street.

Hirofumi made a great deal of money last year.

Neville might know something about Margaret.

Let's discuss the matter right now.

I turned down the job.


I provided him with food.

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This wasn't here this morning ... looks like somebody's been fly tipping.

Will you help me with them?

We may not have time.


Success in school calls for hard study.


We were trying to help him.

Have you ever thought about modeling?

I am sorry I am unable to attend your party.

Raphael wouldn't give Hartmann a divorce.

I had never seen her look so lovely.

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Pratt jumped into water without taking off his clothes.

Merat hasn't heard from Damone since she moved to Boston.

I want him to stop.

Someone will do this job.

Airplanes fly by moving through almost still air, yet we design and test them using wind tunnels, where the airplane model is fixed and the air is made to move past the model.

Urs is a reasonable guy.

I often ski.

Her father approved of her plan.

This one is a book about stars.


What do I call you?

Larry's hungry.

I'll stay close to the door.

He was in prison for life.

He is a sly fox.

I knew you'd understand what I meant.

It was a wonderful evening.

Shawn deserves another opportunity.

We managed to get there on time.


Deborah is the only one here that can speak French.

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I've been wanting to talk to you.

That was another impressive fall-flat-on-your-face ... Hey, you alright, Sophie? Can you stand?

Why is it that we're still here?


It was yesterday that I saw him walking down the street.

There is something wrong with me.

He is a very good batter.

His words offended me.

But it's true.


Roxie has an agenda.

Suresh has never been a teacher.

There was a trace of anger in her voice.


Who is this letter from?

I'm being harassed.

Orchids demand daily care.

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They forgave me.


Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.


Arthur might not go to tonight's party.

I cannot help laughing at him.

A bear is bigger than I.

May it go well for you.

I just learned something new about David Cameron.

I'd rather stay here.

Lincoln himself was silent.


They established settlements in Africa.

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Being very rich, he thought he could do anything.

It'll take about an hour.

Are you finished reading the newspaper?

I don't believe I know Reiner.

Dan tried to escape from the police station.

If you want to include other information, please let us know.

You'll have to get help.


I have bread.

If that is not true, she is a liar.

It was merely a matter of luck.

Dan didn't even come in.

He suffered internal injuries in the car accident.


She's too old for me.


Conrad is waiting in your office.

He intended to have visited Naples last year.

We went ahead with the plan for the party.

That store sells newspapers and magazines.

Don't you find me attractive?


Try the cake.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes.

She can speak French and German, not to speak of English.

Carole and Marvin aren't doing very well.

Please tell Charlene I'm sorry.

Do any of these interest you?

I could have prevented this from happening.

They're normal kids.

There's the plane from Urumqi.